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Ontario’s political parties raise and spend millions of dollars every year to promote their candidates. But Ontario election laws stop independent candidates from raising money outside of an election campaign.

These laws make it nearly impossible for independent candidates to succeed — and they are deeply unfair. We believe you have a right to representation, and that’s why we’re challenging these laws in court.

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What is #RightToRep?

Canadians deserve a right to representation in Parliament — and that means there should be a level playing ground for all candidates.

But right now, election laws in Canada greatly favour political parties and their candidates over independents.

Ontario's election finance laws are the worst example. Political parties can fundraise and spend money all year long, but independent candidates aren't allowed to raise money except during an election period. They get 30 days to campaign every four years, while parties get to campaign non-stop.

I believe these laws are unconstitutional, and that's why I'm challenging them in court. I'd love to have your support!

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How Does This Affect Me?

Do you think independent candidates should have a fair shot at being elected? Are you concerned about the quality of representation you're getting from your local MPP? Then this law affects you!

If the candidate who best represents your views is running as an independent, you are being silenced from expressing your views through political contributions. You are being denied the opportunity to get the generous tax receipt provided to donors to party-based candidates.

So not only are you prevented from expressing your views through political contributions, but it's possible that candidates you agree with are also being silenced by restrictive Elections Finance laws.

Unfair election laws mean fewer independent choices in elections. Independent candidates can't raise or spend money outside of an election campaign. And unlike political parties, who keep any money they don't spend, independent candidates are forced to give any donations they don't spend to the government — so your donations are being stolen for general revenue!

Messages from the public could play a big role in my court case. The court will want to hear about how these laws are affecting the people of Ontario. Leave a message and tell us how you have been affected by Ontario's unconstitutional political financing law!

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I support Randy Hillier's legal challenge to level the playing field between political parties and independent candidates. I believe politics needs more independent voices, and I support #RightToRep!