Electoral Reform

Securing Public Participation

About every four years, the people come together in the spirit of mutual self-interest to elect one from among ourselves to represent us in our self-government.

What many don’t know is that their choices for representation are limited by Elections Finance law. Many people who would like to run are prevented from doing so because of this law.

Current Election Finance laws greatly favour party candidates over independents, specifically by restricting the ability of independent members to raise money outside of writ periods and only allowing financial transfers, rebates, and other advantages within registered political parties.

This poses significant hurdles and barriers for independents that other elected members do not face. These restrictions were enshrined in law by successive governments intent on preserving the party system.

The public has been sending a message, they are not satisfied with our current party system. The growing distrust for all things political among the public is a direct result of a system that puts party interests over ours.

The restrictive and silencing nature that party politics has become for party members, and the tedious representation it creates, are an embarrassment to the spirit and tradition of representative government and often works outside of public interest.


Charter Challenge

I am challenging this law; I have filed a Notice of Application with the Courts challenging elements of the law as unconstitutional.

You can view the Notice of Application here and my Affidavit here.

I want to ensure that all those who are eligible and wish to do so have that opportunity. I want to ensure that voters are given all the choices they are entitled to.

Your support for my efforts would be greatly appreciated. Send me your thoughts, sign up for updates on our progress, and share this webpage and information with your friends, family, and other like-minded individuals.

Together we can bring back your Right To Representation in Government.

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