Toronto Star: Hillier is right to challenge Ontario’s election financing laws

Having challenged Premier Doug Ford’s dictatorial style, and been tossed from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario for it, Randy Hillier is now taking on the province’s election financing laws.

Whether the now-independent MPP is more successful in this challenge will be up to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, where he filed a constitutional challenge. But once again he’s standing on principled grounds.

If the 121 PC, New Democrat, Liberal and Green MPPs can raise money any time for their re-election bids, why shouldn’t Hillier and the two other independents be able to do the same?

Currently, independents are restricted to seeking political contributions during the writ period, some five weeks before election day. And that, Hillier says, means the laws unfairly “favour party candidates over independents.”

He’s right.

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